August 24-27, 2017
Vidinha Stadium
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Aloha Kia Kauai
Kauai Harley Davidson
"Keep Growing and Farm On!"
Admission: $5 adults, $2 children, $4 seniors
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Interior Booth Setup (Commercial Tent)

Interior booths in the commercial tent are built as 8' x 10' spaces according to the following diagram. For double booths, the wall in between can be removed.

  1. You may paint or cover the plywood with straw mats, etc.
  2. Please remove all coverings / staples at the end of the fair.
  3. Remember, the tent is located in the down slope of the parking lot and potential to receive run off from rain, etc. Thus, either store items in plastic containers or raise them off the ground
  4. Corner booths have the option to remove their exterior wall.
  5. All booths are furnished with a light fixture, illuminating the booth from the front, and ONE electrical outlet (see #3 in terms & conditions for further explanation.) It is ESSENTIAL to disclose electrical needs in advance of the fair to balance the power supply.
Diagram of Interior Commercial Booths at Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair
Diagram of Commercial Booths located INSIDE of Commercial Tent (220 ft x 70 ft)
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